Musical Meditation and Warm Up

Dear Instrumentalists,

I love this and am eager to share. In my quest to “swim deeper” in a more integrated way of being a musician, this is very helpful. Excellent with students.

1) Imagine (as richly as possible) the sound of a note in its fullest expression/exoerience
2) Play the note (hold it out)
3) Imagine it again
4) hum the note, then slur into an AH singing that note
5) imagine the note
6) play it again
7) Sing in solfége and add hand signals preferably - if you can and wish
7) write the note down

repeat with two notes … repeat with patterns….
Stick with just one or two notes and play around with dynamics and tone color, expression

Build as you can and wish - no hurry - the priority is full experience

How do you feel and what can you notice about the note? How does humming and or singing influence how well you can play and experience, express the note?

Adjust patter of practice and note patterns to suit yourself as you wish.

In service to the muse,
August 20, 2019