Oboe Brilliance celebrates life long oboe playing with it’s original:

Oboe Solo

Oboe Ensemble

Oboe in Ensemble

Music composed by Founder, Kathryn J. Potter.

COMMISSION composition services for classically notated, printed music to study, enjoy and perform for: 
Oboe Solo Music
Oboe Ensemble Music
Oboe in Ensemble Music
For oboists of all levels, composed by K.J.P.

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5 books of Oboe Solo Music
3 books of Oboe Ensemble Music  
3 books of Oboe in Ensemble Music


Oboe Solo

K.J.P. performs VIPER, étude V from the book of 12 progressive études, “In Adoration of the Earth”

Oboe Ensemble

Two contrasting oboe duets: K.J.P. and oboist Marika Lombardi perform duets no. 3  and no. 4  from the book of 7 oboe duets “The Secrets of Ravens”

Oboe in Ensemble

Wood Wind Quintet no. 2, IX Stages of Purification, by K.J. P. (sample of composition services) composed custom for, and performed by Quintetto Anemos, in a live premiere recording. 
Filippo Mazzoli, flute; Marika Lombardi, oboe; Nicola Zuccalà, clarinet, Albin Lebossé, horn; Ivan Calestani, bassoon. 

Upcoming Events

A Weekend in PARIS, France
Masterclass and Performance

Masterclass Saturday May 11, 2019
With Oboe Brilliance Founder, Kathryn J. Potter
guest of Marika Lombardi
CRD de Pantin
2 rue Sadi Carnot 93200 Pantin
10 AM - 6 PM

Performance premieres of oboe solo and oboe duet music by Kathryn J. Potter
performed by Kathryn J. Potter and Marika Lombardi
Sunday May 12, 2019 at Cathedral Americaine 23 av George V 75008
3 - 4 PM

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