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Hello and welcome to the commission page. Composing music is my life’s calling and interested persons can commission me to compose music for solo oboe or oboe d’ amore, oboe ensemble, and oboe in ensemble up to and including all instruments of the orchestra including pipe organ, piano, harp, classical guitar and voice(s).

I was born March 7, 1965 on L.I., N.Y., and have been hearing gorgeous music in my head since before I could walk and talk and I’m happy to compose for the instruments you’d like to perform yourself, hear for your special event or occasion, or together as a team meaning your sponsorship and my composing, leave a legacy for the oboists etc. of tomorrow.

Guests can commission a brand new work of one’s wish, contribute in part or full to work in progress (be it for repertoire and/or pedagogy)*, or be supportive via performing, hosting, funding an event such as recordings, workshops, publishing etc. .

* (works in progress)
100 Longings: a passionate book of works for solo oboe d’amore
4 oboe quartets (2 of 4 completed - see shop page)
4 pas de deux for oboe and piano (1 of 4 completed)
5 Sacred Sound Sculptures for wood wind quintet (1 of 5 completed)
VII books of 111 progressive études each for solo oboe, oboe duets and oboe choirs …

My on going composing of Pedagogy and Repertoire for and including oboe, is what I call Oboe Brilliance and is my life’s work. Everything I’ve learned and do is poured into it. I ASK for your help, if you wish to help, in creating and leaving a legacy of passionate and quality music for the oboists of today and tomorrow.

After a childhood and young adulthood rich in performing arts education, including ballet for 10 years, chorus for 14 years, piano since I could climb up onto the bench, drama club in Jr. HS, and private oboe study from 1974 on, plus playing in bands, orchestras, and with pipe organ, I attended two music schools; Ithaca College in N.Y. as well as the I.C. London, England Center and the S.F. Conservatory of Music in CA. In both schools I double majored in oboe performance and composition. I am grateful to my composition teachers, Karel Husa and Eli Armer, and to my oboe teachers, Peter Hertling, Peter Hedrick, Lois Wann, Michael Winfield and Marc Lifchey. After attending school, I ran and taught K.J. Potter’s Music Studio in which I taught oboe, flute, piano, composition, eurhythmics and music appreciation, to interested children, adults and seniors while raising my son in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. While teaching, I composed for my students, and friends for them to enjoy performing on their various instruments such as trombone, cello, classical guitar, harpsichord, pipe organ and double bass.

Now, in my 50’s I devote time to composing around the clock for oboists around the world, for solo music and up. My focus on composing a comprehensive pedagogy for oboists day one and up which nurtures both technical elegance and personal artistry is what I will with or without commissions or support however, I can do better, much better with help. To move forward with the repertoire, in some cases, commissions or significant support, determines whether or not I compose a work.

To date my commissions have been for pipe organ, and chamber works including winds, strings, brass, piano and voice. I’m SO pleased that many of my published works are used in conservatories and music schools in the US and Europe!! In practice, I’ve composed 3 works for the orchestra, and feel ready for a professional orchestral commission, including a concerto.

Provided here on this page is a link to a 9 movement, 30 minute wood wind quintet recorded live performed well by the Anemos wood wind quintet.

Although moving forward, I am slow, and meticulous I am also very sensitive to the emotional needs, technical concerns and levels of the performers for which I compose - AND - the acoustical setting in which a commissioned work will be performed! (thanks to experience) At this point, all commissions are contract based, 50% down, remaining upon completion and I maintain all artistic control.
Everything else is negotiable. Commissions offering performance and recording are favored. I can perform everything I compose for the oboe or oboe d’amore, coach and rehearse ensembles or conduct everything I compose.

Lastly, if commissioning music offering support is not possible, people can - request, a work for repertoire as well as request an etude for oboe to focus on a specific concern or be composed in a certain way…

Thank you for your consideration.
Yours in service to the muse,
Kathryn J. Potter
(updated) October 15, 2019

Wood Wind Quintet no. 2, IX Stages of Purification, by K.J. P. composed custom for, and performed by the Anemos wood wind quintet, in a live premiere recording Italian Consulate Paris, France March 6, 2015, celebrating international Women’s Day.
Filippo Mazzoli, flute; Marika Lombardi, oboe; Nicola Zuccalà, clarinet, Albin Lebossé, horn; Ivan Calestani, bassoon. 

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