Look at the trees/Compassion

Dear Ones,

Sometime this year, a composition student unburdened her heart to me with a serious gripe. She felt upset at how a colleague “sold out” and compromised his artistic integrity for commercialism.

Everything she said made sense and I could empathize with her pain and from her perspective, which I can perceive the same way, everything she said made sense.

My response was to nod and express understanding to her point of view and empathy but then I added this.

“Now, have a seat and look out of this window and look at the trees. Notice how some go straight up to the light and most others twist around, sometimes towards the ground and in bizarre ways. They all do this as necessary in order to find the sunlight that individual bough, limb or branch needs based on where it emerged, influenced by the position of the other parts of the trees and its environment…..

It may be that it is the same with artists, and people. Therefor, it might be wise to entertain the possibility that what might be true for you and make perfect sense for you, might not be correct for someone else and vice versa.”

I believe thinking this way can free ourselves from negative judgement and help up as people, increase our ability to be loving people and create art that increases our ability to love.

The founding philosophy of Oboe Brilliance is that the ultimate purpose of art - and being an artist - is to increase our ability to love.

I believe the ultimate purpose of humanity is to increase our consciousness of love and our ability to love.

More on that in future blogs.
Thank you for reading.
Best wishes,

November 30, 2018