The Secret to BLOOMING

Dear Ones,

This is about increasing love consciousness and increasing our perception of beauty and being beauty. How do we celebrate love and beauty?

I believe the ultimate purpose of art is to increase love consciousness. I believe the ultimate purpose of humanity is to increase love consciousness. I believe each way we love is like a petal of a flower. Each petal symbolizes a way in which we love. Blooming is being an artist. In some way(s) we are all artists. Isn’t life art? Are we all not a part of creation?

Continuing the philosophy we and all organic life are eternal love incarnate, eternal love embodied - made manifest and eternal love is in us, living in eternity albeit in a mortal coil, when ever we love, when ever we increase love consciousness, we are blooming. Although we are all part of the one life, we uniquely embody a new flavor - as a variation of a theme - of the kind of organism we manifest. (No two snowflakes are alike, or fingerprints…etc.)

Our mortal coil may in fact or may just seem to exist/manifest for a temporary period of linear time, but that itself exists in eternity. While we are scooting, swimming, drifting, floating, back paddling, driving ahead or what not, down the river of linear reality or perception, and we love, we increase love consciousness in that eternal river. Even if love is the only thing that is, it can still be increased via adoration, recognition, appreciation, and deep awe of the mystery.

In the 100 Flower Series, I love and adore and meditate upon the unique beauty of the flower I’m portraying with the language of written sound. When I create those sounds with the oboe, it’s a type of prayer, dance, adoration, reveling in the mystery of life. I believe every flower, every petal matters and is beautiful. I celebrate the frail and powerful and mystical nature of each flower. I consider my 100 Flower Series of music sacred music. Composing is a religion with a language and without dogma. The only rule is to increase love consciousness. It’s about love. Create and share out of love.

Love like a flower with many petals, we bloom. Each petal representing a way in which you love, adore,
”kiss the ground”, pray - what ever you want to call it…. appreciate and celebrate life…or the mystery.
What are your petals? How do you love? How do you increase love consciousness?

Here are some possibilities for your consideration to potentially strengthen your recognition:

What ever inspires you?

Life, you might say? - OK, what about it? What turns you on to especially enjoying life? Fragrance? - then bloom by making new fragrances. Music? Then bloom by playing an instrument and maybe even composing. Delicious food? Then bloom by being a chef. A great story? Write or narrate or act or dance or read ….. sell books …. host book groups….Traveling… experiencing the joy of movement and/or great health? “The world is your oyster!”

There are many ways to kiss the ground - as the mystical poet RUMI once wrote.

What inspires you to fall to your knees and kiss the ground? You might find that is what holds the key to your blooming.

What opens the door in your heart to the eternity of the cosmos? What turns your head away from blindness? What “smell” can’t you ignore which reminds you that you live in a mystical and mysterious universe?

Imagine you knew for certain you had but one week left to live in your present carnation and you could do or accomplish anything without limitation. What would you do? There lies the way in which you can bloom - give back - or there reveals your illness in which you need to heal. You might also discover that which blinds you and distracts you to the treasure of deep love. That desire might be the key to your prison, but not the key to your garden. If you think deeply and look deeply you may discover the key to the sanctuary - not prison.

What takes you deeper into the mystery? What has made your life worth living - not just temporarily bare able? What takes your love of life DEEPER and HIGHER and RICHER and for “more real”.

Here is an example for me. I love to paint. I love to play with color, feel the paint move at the end of the brush onto canvas board, relate colors, mix colors…. play with perception. In and of itself, painting is such a great joy - regardless of the outcome of the painting - although greater joy when there is something I want to see again or share or is enjoyed by others. Painting helps me feel alive and I am alive and loose track of time when I paint. THEN there are side effects to painting of noticing SO MUCH MORE BEAUTY around me in life. Painting opens my eyes and my heart and my mind. Painting is for me A KEY to deeper love. Painting is a SPOKE on the wheel of life like a straight highway to the center of being - ETERNAL LOVE.

I may enjoy many things - but there are more gears into the cosmos driving me into love when I paint.

For your convenience, a list of possibilities of your petals:

being a friend
healing arts : creating greater integrity, function and balance within systems organic and or made
mechanical arts: “ “ systems imagined and made - dancing, machine design, games
building arts making things and structures - buildings, instruments, environments
architectural arts: composing, writing, building design, any form of design which begins in the imagination and requires a blue print, recipe or form of some kind to manifest off the page
transportation arts: goods, stuff, people, to other people, places, things and locations and/or helping the structures required to do that work.
earth art: landscaping, gardening, sculpture, homes
beautification: you name it - people, places, things, environments
nurturing arts: taking care of, nursing, helping
protection: protecting the earth, people, places, life, destroying that which harms the vitality of balance, blocking imposition to rights, creating balance with conscious use of will in a loving way, translating, scribe, preserving, restoration
alchemy: art of reformation, transformation, reclamation, rebuilding, renewal, recycling, alchemy, creating altered states of consciousness
loving arts: art of adoration, appreciation, worship, celebrating, glorification, remembering
teaching: the art of liberation and becoming via knowing thyself and helping others learn to learn and become themselves, understanding feeling and recognizing love
strategy: cause and effect of manipulation and possibilities
nurturing: hospitality, healing, parenting, teaching, helping others thrive , gardening
hunting: finding, exploring, research, bringing forth, discovering, sharing, shopping, presenting
shamanism: communicating- “dancing” - between worlds and among realities consciously and simultaneously, healing, creating

The list goes on and is endless. Clearly, interlinking like all life. Like all things - it’s complicated. The motivation and purpose conscious and unconscious behind the activity influences the effect - joy or sorrow.

To be more simple, to just love adore and bask in the presence of another - life a grandparent with a newborn - is pure love consciousness increasing. So, loving life around us like a grandparent - is a very successful way to increase love consciousness - to love a because a being exists - and feeling the joy that brings. The joy of life itself.

I believe we are all artists. We bloom through our artistry, we cannot help but expose some of our petals.
I believe we can increase our joy by appreciating how all organic life is love manifest and develop our adoration of the creation in part and total.
I believe our purpose in life is what we are always doing - being a part of creation - being who we are especially since no one else can do that for us, better to do that consciously than unconsciously and in a way that creates and inspires more joy than agony. Even those who seem lost and don’t know what his/her life purpose is can find it by looking for clues…what are you always doing ultimately regardless of what you are doing? Are you healing, destroying, nurturing, teaching, creating …. what? How can you better apply that to your life and the greater good?

Enjoy the journey.
Bloom beautifully,
August 5, 2019