one note - humility and significance

Dear Ones,

Each beat, each breath, each step, each day, week, month, season, year, decade, stitch in the knitted blanket of life, petal of a flower, tooth in a smile, flower in a garden, person in a parade, NOTE in a piece, instrument in a symphony, cloud in the sky, star in the cosmos, word in a sentence, sentence in a story, matters and makes a difference and influences all else.

Each of us may only be one drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of human life, but each snowflake makes an avalanche. Each beautifully completely unique snowflake with whatever lifespan it has, and however it becomes a part of its next part of life, matters.

”The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m thinking of how a leaf, falls to the earth, becomes soil, becomes rock, become soil, become food, becomes wings…

one note, one symphony

Each note in each symphony has a beginning, middle and end and is a part of something bigger and is all it is in itself and is created by so many other ingredients.

One note missed or changed in a piece changes the entire piece.
An entire story’s meaning can be changed with one word being changed.

Think of it!!!
I’m thinking of a painting - one color changes the pallet.

Each of us may be just individual drops of water in the ocean of life - but we can still do our best to shine.
May you relish the drop. May your drop matter. May the tree you are in the forest of life, be very well.

May each note be played in gratitude and with love.
To the muse!
August 3, 2019