# 2 Opening up to deeper and deeper listening

Dear Ones,
Welcome to the Oboe Brilliance blog series: abyssopelagic refinement.

(adj.) like or pertaining to the depths of the sea

6. a subtle point or distinction.
7. an improved, higher, or extreme form of something:
a refinement of the old system.

Today’s blog focuses on opening up to deeper and deeper listening which I feel is essential to the creative process and communing in life with greater sensitivity and consciousness. Developing deeper listening allows one to be more present, in tune with, one with and better at connecting.

I recall my very first encounter with my first dance teacher when I was about 2 1/2 or 3 years old in 1967 or ‘68. I was very excited to study ballet because it’s so beautiful. Arriving first, and early to class I asked my teacher “How do you dance?” She smiled, looked at me tenderly, knelt down to my height level and said it’s actually easy, all you do is turn your body into an ear and move how you feel. Try it - I’ll play some music. First, lie down and the floor and feel the vibrations with your entire body, then when I play it again, move how you feel as you hear it. So we did that and she cried (tears of amazement saying I am a dancer) and I felt complete joy throughout my entire being and have been madly in love with dance every since.

Isn’t life a dance? Isn’t life a pas de deux of what can appear as duality? Isn’t our body an entire ear?
As I recall the room and how I was during that first lesson, my mind open with no preconceived notions, alert to what I’d experience with a fresh mind, a blank slate with no walls buffering me from what I’d encounter. I could hear with my body and moved how the music felt. It was glorious. There are many currents within music, many frequencies.

Yesterday as I walked the labyrinth, I walked it differently to my pleasant surprise. My usual way to walk it - my now historical way - has been to hold a journal in my left hand and pen in my right hand and spend about 1/3 of my time maybe 1/2 of the time writing what I channel. Yesterday when I went to write, my pen was completely empty. Embracing the situation, I walked the labyrinth palms up, walking slowly, and listening with my entire body to the “music” there as I walked, noted how my body felt as I stepped, breathed, looked at this and that. I noticed how chakras felt, noticed energy of various trees, how my body and how the trees communicated like a duet. I felt an intensity, depth, breadth to the trees much more than what I feel with people. Their auras appeared to grow as I could see them more and more clearly as I listened deeper. I payed attention to how my breathing and body changed as I focused my attention on the blue sky and the thought occurred to me that I could employ this kind of deeper listening to when I played a certain note on the oboe - feel in deeper levels the affect of this note in the noticeable environment around me. With my body ear, and with the ethereal ear.

How does the physical sound influence the ethereal music?

How does the ethereal music influence the physical sound music?

How does my listening influence these? How does the listening influence me?

If this is a bit unusual for you to read or think about, imagine and think about how you are used to walking on the ground and feeling air around you. That’s normal. Now imaging how it feels to walk in water which gets deeper. The water influences your walking and your walking influences the water. There are physical differences as well as other differences including obvious changes - states of consciousness - and emotional differences. Now consider how there is a lot of water in air to begin with. Ethereal “music” has a different texture than water. A finer frequency. Just like water is in most things, ethereal frequencies are there as well.

If you don’t think you’re in touch with an ethereal level of feeling, it could be that you take it for granted - like going nose blind - trust the fragrance is there - and take a deep breath so to speak. Observe what you can. You’ll notice what you notice.

Move slowly like a dancer in silence. Keep it simple and observe what you can. Remember there is water there is moisture in the air - try to sense that and take it from there in a more subtle level. It helps to relax the muscles in the face and around your belly button. Through movement, listen to changes in energy like you’d notice changes in water by moving your hand through the water.

Note the energy of the environment before performing or listening to a musical work - then note the energy of the environment right after the work ends.

Notice how the way you breathe does this to yourself and your environment - the way you think…

In closing, a translation of a Haiku poem by Basho

The temple bell stops.
But the sound keeps coming
out of the flowers.


to the dance
May 31, 2019