# 1 introduction of new blog series

Dear Ones,
Welcome to the Oboe Brilliance blog series: abyssopelagic refinement.

(adj.) like or pertaining to the depths of the sea

6. a subtle point or distinction.
7. an improved, higher, or extreme form of something:
a refinement of the old system.

Here you are free to read about
1) creative process
a: during this next chapter in my journey of a new phase of deeper creative exploration and process
b: simply explore these exercises yourself
2) my oboe playing overhaul to liberate my highest potential of artistry within technical elegance
a: read about my journey of re-teaching/overhauling my oboe playing
b: follow my processes as you wish for yourself

I am profoundly grateful to have and take the opportunity to do this and effervescently eager to take this journey and share it with you. You are welcome to join me.

All aboard!?!

May 30, 2019