Progressive Études: In Adoration of the Earth

Dear Ones,

In Adoration of the Earth, is the first book I published back in 2010, before it was picked up by ARMIANE, then Fortin-Armiane. It was first used in my music studio by me and my students before adopted and used in other oboe studios in the world. It it a collection of progressive études which I composed for my music students to provide both technical and artistic support for their journey as musicians.

These études are also suitable for solo recital pieces or encore pieces.

It is a quickly progressing set of 12 études and covers 20th century techniques not found in the common choices of etudes and methods for oboists. There is something for everyone. Some are in minor mode.

The book as a whole can be played cover to cover in about 20 or so minutes as a complete warm up for accomplished oboists. I think of it as a “sun salutation” for oboists in that it covers all the basics including modern techniques and as an efficient way to stay in shape and playing “dust free” as an oboist in under 30 minutes.

I wrote these etudes in a way so the new techniques learned are all easily and musically assimilated into playing skills as the foundation of technique and artistry are being built.

1/4 tones, modes, rows, chromatic, non tonal, starting in one pitch center and shifting into a parallel or suggested other pitch center and not returning….. multi-phonics, and full register artistry are among the tool box building qualities this book provides.

Each étude is a sonic portrait of an animal and each artist performing the étude is invited to imagine him or herself as the animal and experiencing life as that animal - seeing through the eyes of, hearing through the ears of that animal as they perform. (Likewise, within the 100 Flower Series, artists are encouraged to imagine life AS the individual flower.)

As humans, we are accustomed to objectifying reality as out there - away from us, but we are all apart of this one massive masterpiece of creation planet earth which is but a drop in the great mysterious creation at large - and within.

We are all part of one glorious pas de deux in life. Silence, sound, eternity and moment, drop and ocean all.

Have fun! I hope you’ll enjoy it as my students and I have too. May this book assist more and more oboists around the world.

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Yours in service to the muse,
Kathryn J. Potter
Oct. 1, 2019