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Come to PARIS to celebrate FEMINISMglobal humanity, and MUSIC with an OBOE emphasis! 

Ms.Kathryn Potter in Master Class via OBOE PARIS 2020 Festival
Saturday March 7, 2020 9:30AM  - 6:30PM 
Where she coaches her solo oboe and oboe ensemble works with oboists of any age, level and nationality *
CRD de Pantin 2 rue Sadi Carnot  93507 Pantin

Celebrating International Women’s Day with a free concert:
SUNDAY March 8th at 3-4 PM (15th hour)
Kathryn Potter, founder Oboe Brilliance, will be one of the composers featured and will premiere her duets along with Marika Lombardi
Two new compositions of Ms. Potter’s will be premiered: oboe duets, oboe and piano work
Eglise Amèricaine 75007  Paris

For more information about the concert, and to sign up for Masterclass, contact * director Marika Lombardi is fluent in Italian, French and English

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