Dear Guests,

Hello, and thank you for visiting this commission page.

It is my hope to serve and I do so in gratitude. Simply put, my purpose as a composer is to increase, celebrate and express LOVE - the only subject. This includes celebratory respect for all of the colors, emotions of the heart, and intellectual rigor.

The purpose of Oboe Brilliance comprehensive pedagogy (in progress) is to celebrate and liberate instrumental technical elegance and fortify a more conscious artist within. I believe this is the basis for a fulfilling personal, emotional and social existence nurturing personal and collective peace.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and open a dialogue as to how I can be of assistance.

My name is Kathryn J. Potter, founder of Oboe Brilliance. Here you see an image of an angel listening to one conch shell and holding another. Elsewhere you see images of angels in relationship with Oboe Brilliance.


It is because since before I could speak and walk, I was hearing music from - within and beyond - and I wish to acknowledge and remember that the founding basis and on going inspiration of this musical journal/pilgrimage is a mysterious one. One I consider divine, like a life long “pas de deux “ with a muse guiding me through the one sea of many currents in which we all swim and are a part.

Personally, as one drop of water in the comprehensive, multiverse, mysterious ocean of life, I listen to the vibration that come to me through the ocean, to speak in metaphor. Frankly, I think we all do, more or less, and as an individual artist, I listen as best I can and lovingly craft with the current level of skill, the most thirst quenching, soul watering music to delight the intellect, soul and emotional body within, based on my training and level of connection.

I subscribe and have no loyalties to any one religion, school of thought, country or political point of view. I just believe that we are a part of a one conscious living being which consists of linear time and non linear time, and that the human purpose and the purpose of all art is to express and increase LOVE, within ourselves, humanity, and in connection with all forms of life seen and unseen, within and everywhere.

Sometimes I hear and compose music I have heard from the “future” - in dreams - literally while asleep - such as in the 2nd wood wind quintet “IX Stages of Purification” and others. Now at the age of 54, I have come to recognize that many dreams and visions I’ve seen/heard have come to pass. I do therefor maintain the possibility that time is indeed non linear (as science suggests as well as many indigenous tradition believe) and we live as one in a comprehensive multi current “sea” which is divinely mysterious.

As I mature in this vehicle of my present body and human mind, I continue my commitment to aspire to create and gift oboists of the “future” and thereby - artists in general - a very deep and fulfilling body of musical repertoire and pedagogy both of LOVE SWIMMING deeply, like mermaids, and flying high like eagles and angels.

May we together agree to increase our ability to love and share joy.


Kathryn J. Potter
May 29, 2019

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Commissions are love donations and all is negotiable.

Suggested love donations start at $1,000. per “real time” performance minute per instrument.

I can be commissioned solo oboe and up - to compose for any instrument in the traditional orchestra, including instruments such as harp, timpani, classical guitar, pipe organ and of course choir.

Commissioned compositions are written in traditional classical notation, and are printed beautifully. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, K.J.P. maintains copyright and controls artistry albeit with utmost sensitivity to clearly expressed needs and all agreed upon terms in the contract, by K.J.P. and the commissioning party.

Contact me to introduce yourself to chat when ready to start a conversation. See below. Thank you for your interest.


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Wood Wind Quintet no. 2, IX Stages of Purification, by K.J. P. (sample of composition services) composed custom for, and performed by Quintetto Anemos, in a live premiere recording. 
Filippo Mazzoli, flute; Marika Lombardi, oboe; Nicola Zuccalà, clarinet, Albin Lebossé, horn; Ivan Calestani, bassoon. 

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