Dear Ones, 

Hello and welcome to the commission page! 

Here you are free to commission me to compose and original composition for solo oboe, oboe ensemble or oboe in ensemble music up to and including 13 instrumental “voices”. I have historically and welcome the opportunity to compose for any and all instruments in the classical orchestra - with oboe - including pipe organ, keyboard instruments, percussion and last but not least, classical guitar.

I invite the opportunity to either compose something special for you, your dear one(s), your ensemble, studio, organization, event and/or for you to sponsor a work on the Muse’s Wish List for the musicians of today and tomorrow.

As an independent composer, with all of my time committed to composing now, free of institutional employment or government pay, (composing is not what I do on the side, it is my self employed day/night job), it is only those individuals with means who commission or sponsor me that make it possible for me to share my natural talent and hard earned skills with our human community. I welcome, ask and need your sponsorship or commission to fulfill my work with others.

My calling to COMPOSE and musical pilgrimage!

Before I could walk and talk, I was hearing music in my head. One day, as a little girl (1968 or so) while playing in my 4’ by 4’ “Queendom” (my sandbox!) I had an epiphany, that the beautiful and mysterious music I regularly enjoyed hearing in my head, was not audible to those around me, it was in me.
As soon as my father returned that day from work, I told him of my discovery and that I would really like to share these lovely sounds with others...but how!?! He informed me that in order to do that, I had to learn how to play an instrument incredible well and how to read and write music. He said there are people like me and they are called composers and there are places for people like me and they are called conservatories. He said I had to work very hard, in order to get a big scholarship to a conservatory playing an instrument so I could become properly educated in the way of music.

One afternoon when my father played ‘Peter and the Wolf’ to introduce me to instruments, although I loved the sound of all of them, I just KNEW I had to play the oboe because I cried and cried when I heard it; something inside of me woke up when I heard the oboe, but I was only 3 years old!!! I had to wait 5 long years before I could begin to start studying oboe. (Fortunately before that I played a little piano and sang in choirs.)

So, I followed my father’s advice. I studied oboe regularly starting at age 8 and from ages 12 to 17 became highly competitive in order to receive scholarships to study with renowned oboists. At 15 I received my first scholarship to study with Lois Wann at USDAN (who thereafter voluntarily took me under her wing and taught me privately with out pay for years as my mentor) and both music schools, Ithaca College N.Y. and S.F.Conservatory of Music, I attended were possible via my skills as a competitive oboist and then double majored or switched majors to study composition. On scholarship I studied oboe with Lois Wann, Peter Hendrick, Michael Winfield (I.C.London Program) and Marc Lifschey. On scholarship I studied composition with Karel Husa and Elinor Armer. I am a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

As a child, I composed, but kept it private - for my own private enjoyment and occasional performances in piano recitals. I would memorize my works on piano but didn’t take the time to write them down.
For the graduating HS ceremony, I composed a work and directed a small choir made of friends from the drama club and chorus.

In 1996, during my last visit to Lois Wann, she implored me to look her in the eye and promise her to honor my calling and to give the oboe world all I have to give. I did so…

From 1992 - 2010 I ran a music studio teaching children, adults and seniors how to play flute, piano, oboe, and composed custom music for many while I also taught them music history, composition and more.

In 2010 I started Oboe Brilliance when I finally felt ready to make some of the music I composed for my students commercially available AND when I finally felt strong enough emotionally and professionally, began to offer my composition services to the world at large.

In addition to the works available to purchase, I have composed numerous original works for full orchestra, voice and piano, oboe and piano, solo piano, double bass solo, double bass with oboe, double bass with pipe organ, pipe organ solo, pipe organ with oboe, classical guitar - solo and with oboe, solo cello, solo trombone and solo snare drum. Lastly, some strange theatrical works and works of odd sound makers for dancers - don’t ask! Some of the above I may publish at a later date - namely ones with pipe organ.

Although I have composed for full orchestra a few times, I’m waiting until I am in my 60’s to be commercially available to do that for a commission. (2025). For now while I am in my 50’s and devoted to the perpetual development of the foundation of the pedagogy and repertoire of Oboe Brilliance - solo oboe, oboe ensemble and oboe in ensemble up to and including 13 different instrumental voices.

Please know I welcome the work and deeply appreciate the honor to serve the muse. For guests who wish to sponsor the arts for either my own sake as an independent woman composer to provide me with work, and/or as a way to give to the oboists and instrumentalists of today and tomorrow skillfully, inspired and lovingly woven music, I hope you will please consider me worthy of sponsorship or a commission to fulfill this calling.

In conclusion, here is my ultimate LIFE DREAM/CALLING (in addition to being a loving and compassionate person) which I perpetually work towards:
An Oboe Brilliance library which includes 48 hours worth of solo oboe music to play. (including books of hours - illuminated manuscripts) 48 hours worth of oboe ensemble music, 72 hours worth of oboe in ensemble music - duets, trios, quartets, a whole series of WW5tets, chamber works, ballets, an opera (Cupid’s Bad Hair Day - comedy sung in gibberish) and last but not least - a beautiful story - set to music and dance - for CHILDREN to introduce the oboe and all instruments (including classical guitar and pipe organ), inspire and delight them into the soul watering experience of high art.

It is my wish to create soul watering art plus fun, fulfilling music for oboists of all ages and levels to enjoy for life long personal and cultural enrichment.

Thank you for your time and for your interest.

There is a Muse’s Wish List of inspired ideas to commission oboe solo, oboe ensemble and oboe in ensemble works - offering a “menu” of delicious choices!

You are welcome to introduce yourself to begin a dialogue even if you are only seriously considering the distinct possibility to commission or sponsor a new unique work of music.

All commissioned works can contribute to the growing repertoire of works for the oboists of today and tomorrow! Commissions can be joyfully announced, in memory or in honor of, or anonymously sponsored.

Let’s chat! 

Again, thank you for your interest and visit.

Yours in service to the spirit of MUSIC,

Kathryn Jean Potter

Oboe Brilliance Founder, K.J.P. can compose unique, custom compositions to celebrate all stages, levels and needs of oboe playing.

Here you can commission:
Oboe Solo Music
Oboe Ensemble Music
Oboe in Ensemble Music
By mutually signed contract. 50% down and 50% upon completion.

To assist musicians in achieving greater expression and deeper artistry, K.J.P. can be a visiting coach, performer, artist in residence, conductor, and/or lecturer for commissioned works.

K.J.P. can also coach published Oboe Brilliance Music via SKYPE at $75 per hour, by prepaid appointment.

Read Muse’s Wish List for inspired ideas to commission. 
Read About Oboe Brilliance to learn more.

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Current rates until Sept. 21, 2019

Simply put, rates are generally

$ 2,500. per 5 minutes for solo instrument.
$ 3,500. per 5 minutes for 2 instruments*
and add $1,000. per instrument per 5 minutes up to 13 voices.

*Please note that multi voiced and/or multi staff voiced instruments, such as classical guitar, harp, piano, pipe organ etc. will have a rate greater than a single solo line voice instrument.

Commissioned compositions are written in traditional classical notation, and are printed beautifully. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, K.J.P. maintains copyright and controls artistry albeit with utmost sensitivity to clearly expressed needs and all agreed upon terms in the contract, by K.J.P. and the commissioning party.


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Wood Wind Quintet no. 2, IX Stages of Purification, by K.J. P. (sample of composition services) composed custom for, and performed by Quintetto Anemos, in a live premiere recording. 
Filippo Mazzoli, flute; Marika Lombardi, oboe; Nicola Zuccalà, clarinet, Albin Lebossé, horn; Ivan Calestani, bassoon. 

Contact Me Below to Begin a Commission

Current rates:
$ 2,500. per 5 minutes for solo instrument.
$ 3,500. per 5 minutes for 2 instruments*
and add $1,000. per instrument per 5 minutes up to 13 voices.

*Please note that multi voiced and/or multi staff voiced instruments, such as classical guitar, harp, piano, pipe organ etc. will have a rate greater than a single solo line voice instrument.

Rates apply until September 21, 2019 at which time, the rates may double.
There is a waiting list. Works commissioned before September 21, 2019 are “Grandmothered” with the old rate.
By contract only. 

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Additional Contact Information

Kathryn J. Potter, Oboe Brilliance Founder
cell phone: (text is best) : 828 242 3765
SKYPE: kathryn.potter65

P.O. Box 1103
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