About Oboe Brilliance

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Oboe Brilliance was founded in 2010, by Kathryn J. Potter, when she initially self published three books, under Oboe Brilliance Inc., which she composed for the students in her music studio. 

Those three books are: 
In Adoration of the Earth 
12 progressive études for solo oboe

The Secrets of Ravens
7 intermediate duets composed in celebrating the accomplishments of Cheryl Tuttle, an adult oboe student at the time.

Flying with Ravens into the Night
oboe quartet # 1 for the Monday Oboe Choir. 

Soon thereafter, Kathryn was approached by publisher ARMIANE, then located in Versailles, France to publish those books. In 2011, Kathryn signed contracts and Monsieur Gilles Manchec took over copyright and editing. His work and artistry as a copyist is in all the works from 2011 to 2015. In 2013, ARMIANE was sold, and merged with FORTIN. Now FORTIN-ARMIANE controls copyright and printing of the first 8 publications of Oboe Brilliance Founder's compositions. FORTIN-ARMIANE is located in Paris, France. K.J.P. signed contracts for IlluminationsArc en Ciel, A Dozen Roses, and Visions - all for oboe solo in the 100 Flowers Series, as well as Wood Wind Quintet #1, Songes d’un cœur épris. After signing off copyright and printing responsibilities, she concluded the INC. part of Oboe Brilliance later in 2015, but maintained Oboe Brilliance, as a sole proprietor. 

Now, in 2018, Oboe Brilliance has been renovated and is once again self publishing music with it’s three new releases, The Mother & Son Mask Project, 12, 2 voice melodies in C, ideal for piano or as oboe and bassoon duets, Dreams of the Black Swan, wind trio for flute, oboe and bassoon, and Flying with Ravens into the Sun, oboe quartet #2. 

Founder, Kathryn J. Potter was born in 1965 and began her oboe studies in 1974, began teaching oboe in 1992, and became a published composer in 2010. From 1992 - 2010 she ran K.J. Potter’s Music studio, where she taught flute, oboe, piano and composition to children, adults and seniors. 

Formal Education

Kathryn is a graduate from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she majored in both oboe performance and composition. Prior, she studied at Ithaca College N.Y. and also Ithaca College London, England. 

In retrograde order her oboe teachers were Marc Lifschey, Lois Wann, Michael WInfield, Lois Wann, Peter Hedrick, Lois Wann, and Peter Hertling
In retrograde order her composition teachers were Elinore Armer and Karel Husa. 


To create and provide an inspired, well crafted 21st century library of oboe solo, oboe ensemble, and oboe in ensemble music for the oboists of today and tomorrow, composed by K.J.P. and eventually more composers with oboe specialties.